Spotify Launches Thanksgiving Playlist Generator

The music streaming service wants to be your sous chef this November

Spotify left all of the Taylor Swift headlines behind as it made the jump from digital music streaming to culinary science with the introduction of its Time For Turkey playlist generator.  The new program calculates the time it will take for a Thanksgiving turkey to cook based on the USDA’s roasting timetable and matches that time with a custom playlist to get everyone in the kitchen moving, because, as the company says, “guests make great dance partners!”

All users have to do is enter the weight of the bird and whether it’s stuffed or unstuffed. Then choose the mood for the playlist from six categories including “Freshly Baked” (New jams hot and fresh off the charts), “Golden Oldies” (A classic recipe of hits), and “Club Kitchen” (songs for dancing up an appetite) to inform song choices.

Given that the average weight of a turkey chosen for Thanksgiving dinner is about 15 pounds and the USDA’s recommended cooking temperature is 325° Fahrenheit, most Spotify users will get about four hours of dancing time as their bird cooks.