This Is Your Spring Pedicure Color Horoscope

Pedicure Forecast - P 2015

Pedicure Forecast - P 2015

The resident astrologer at Kelly Rowland's go-to nail salon forecasts your perfect pedi color for spring — from Aries to Virgo and every Pisces in between.

Some find picking a polish a no-brainer, while some agonize over the decision. At Enamel Diction, the chic Los Angeles nail salon with regulars including Kelly Rowland, Maria Menounos, Tyrese and Adrienne Bailon (5405 W. Pico Blvd., L.A.; 323-900-0355), there’s an amazing resident color-astrologer named Rose Theodora on hand to help prescribe the perfect look for your specific sign, by appointment.

Armed with your birth date, time and place, Theodora compiles a personalized astrological chart and color chart, showing the hues you should wear in order to manifest certain things like personal power, creativity, communication or balance in relationships. We asked the astrologer to pick out the ideal lacquer for each astrological sign, just in time for your next spring pedicure. Think of it as your nail horoscope.

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Aries: pale lavender (OPI Care to Danse?)
“As fashion-forward as you may consider yourself to be, you change your mind more than anyone. Classic is your preferred style. This light lavender hue is soft enough to make you mellow, but bright enough to keep you engaged.” 

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Taurus: coral (OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked?)
“This color motivates you to create the home you’ve always wanted — whether it’s sprucing up your current one or moving on. It’s been on your mind for a while. This active color gives you just the kick you need, and it’s sweet and sensual just like you.”

Gemini: bright yellow (OPI I Trust I Can Cope)
“You’ve been really into lighter shades lately, but I think it’s time you revisit yellow. This color is your guru — it knows everything about you, even more than you know about yourself. Wearing a bright yellow connects you to your spirit.”

Cancer: aqua (OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook)
“Home is where your heart is, and when we feel secure we feel at home. Feeling secure for you means having the means to live your life the way you want to — comfortably. This color is literally your money color.”

Leo: mauve (OPI Just Lanai-ing Around)
“This color connects you to your heart. Not quite red and not quite blue, this color’s the right one for you — grounding, warm, generous and fit for a queen. You’ve never been one to shy away from attention. Why start now?”

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Virgo: peach (OPI Nomad’s Dream)
“Peach represents new beginnings and is the quintessential spring color. You’re not only the most forthright about your feelings, and others may not know how you feel about them. Wearing this color opens you up and helps you to be more approachable.”

Libra: pink (OPI Hawaiian Orchid)
“You’re drawn to this color like a bee to honey. Why? Like your sign, pink is the color of harmony, inner peace, romance and femininity. Wearing this color makes you feel balanced.”

Scorpio: gray (OPI Cement the Deal)
“You’re pretty decisive when it comes to your preferences, and wearing this lighter shade of gray helps you to see that there are even more possibilities than you could have imagined. Patience is key; gray helps you see that.”

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Sagittarius: red (OPI The Thrill of Brazil)
“Red is exactly what you need this spring. You haven’t been entirely yourself lately. You’re usually so lively and social. Wearing a bright red revitalizes you.”

Capricorn: white (OPI Funny Bunny)
“It’s either black or white for you, and you won’t accept anything in between. We both know wearing black in the spring isn’t for you. White uplifts you, gifts you clarity and helps you to feel more optimistic.”

Aquarius: blue (OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam!)
“This color screams authentic! You’ve been completely immersed in others lately, and could use a little TLC. This color is calming and blue soothes you.”

Pisces: pale green (OPI That’s Hula-rious!)
“Wearing this shade on your toes makes you happy, but let’s face it, you need to come down from the clouds from time to time. Wearing a light green not only grounds you, it also helps you to feel energized and healthier.”