Sprint Nextel continues co-conspiracy with '24'


NEW YORK -- Sprint Nextel will provide subscribers with exclusive sneak peaks of episodes of Fox's "24" this season along with a sweepstakes offer and other exclusive content. Sprint phones and Nextel walkie-talkie phones also will be featured throughout the fifth season of the series.

Sneak peaks of the following week's episode, available to Sprint TV subscribers as soon as the show airs on the East Coast, are part of Sprint's overall media deal with Fox. While Sprint pays an incremental fee for the in-show integration, the exclusive content was provided at no additional cost to the company. Sprint's sneak peaks are sponsored by Degree Deodorant.

Last year, Sprint provided subscribers exclusive content for "The Amazing Race," "Smallville" and "America's Next Top Model."

"This year, we have worked with Fox to give the passionate '24' fans out there exclusive content on Sprint handsets," Sprint spokesman Joel Shadle said. "We hope to continue to offer our customers show content they can't get anywhere else."

One of the main Sprint Nextel products that will be featured on "24" this season is the Nextel i880 phone and its GPS applications.

In addition to "24" ringtones, games, images and logos, Sprint also will offer subscribers a "covert ops" sweepstakes in which they can enter for the chance to win a trip to Incredible Adventures, a simulation spy training camp in Sarasota, Fla.

There also will be an experts quiz to test your "24" IQ and a covert ops survival guide tied to previous episodes of "24," with the first tip being how to survive a cougar attack.

Sprint Nextel's relationship with "24," which stars Kiefer Sutherland, dates to Season 1 of the Emmy-winning series.
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