'Spy Kids 4-D' Stars Describe 'Aromascope' Smells

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Director Robert Rodriguez has "such a huge imagination and… I think it will work," Joel McHale tells THR.

The stars of Spy Kids 4-D think director Robert Rodriguez's "Aromascope" will work with audiences.

"I think it shows you Robert’s childlike imagination that it makes the movie that much more of an event and something fun to do for the kids and there are going to be some smelly smells," Joel McHale told The Hollywood Reporter at the L.A. premiere.

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"My character smells like lavender, every time I walk on its just lavender," McHale jokes. "So I think it’s a really fun idea. He’s just got such a huge imagination and stuff like that will, I think it will work.”

Danny Trejo tells THR it's "very cool… It’s amazing because all of a sudden your mind is in this thing, it’s kind of cool.”

But at first he was skeptical about 4D. "Well Robert talks about that stuff. You’ve got to just take everything that Robert says with like a grain of salt, but more than likely it’s going to come true. We talked about Machete 17-years-ago, you know what I mean… and all of a sudden it came true," he said.

Jessica Alba says kids "love it!"

"They love interacting and being a part of the experience. You know they really feel like they are in the movie. And then the 3D and the 4D -- it’s awesome!" Alba says.
Rodriguez explains his decision behind using the technology: "4D was because we really pushed the envelope with 3D back like eight years ago and reintroduced 3D to audiences, we couldn’t just do that again coming back with a fourth movie, to keep with the very innovative style of the series I thought we have to go 4D and the first thing that came to my mind was Aroma Scope was putting audiences, especially kids who really identify with those kids on screen, could smell what the kids were smelling on screen and be that much more bonded with them.”