Square Enix to Expand Canadian Studios

Courtesy of Square Enix
'Shadow of the Tomb Raider'

The Japanese game company will create 100 new jobs at its Montreal-based studios.

Square Enix is expanding its footprint in North America with the addition of 100 game development jobs this year in its Montreal-based studios, Eidos-Montreal and Square Enix Montreal.

The Japanese gaming company's Canadian division already represents the largest group of employees (700 currently) outside of Japan.

In addition to the new positions, Square will finance the expansion and renovation of the Eidos-Montreal facility by adding 10,000 square feet to the current 55,000-square-foot office space. The new expansion will include full performance motion capture and photogrammetry studios, a user research laboratory, and a mixing and voice recording studio. Meanwhile, the Square Enix Montreal studio will more than double in size over the course of this year.

Founded in 2007, Eidos-Montreal is known for developing the Deus Ex franchise, 2014's Thief and the recent reincarnation of the Tomb Raider series. The studio's latest game, last year's Shadow of the Tomb Raider, has sold over 4 million copies.

Square Enix Montreal was formed in 2012 and primarily develops mobile titles based on Eidos-Montreal's franchises. 

Square Enix, based in Tokyo, is one of the world's largest video game companies. It has over 4,300 employees worldwide.