Square takes wraps off role-playing game


TOKYO -- Square Enix unveiled its first multiplatform role-playing game in Tokyo on Thursday, with president Yoichi Wada describing "The Last Remnant" as the cornerstone of the company's future strategy.

The game will be released simultaneously in Japan and the U.S., though no date has been set for the game to hit store shelves and the high-spec capabilities are designed for next-generation hardware.

"This game is a new franchise that is designed for gaming for the next generation of platforms and created by a new generation of talented designers," Wada said.

The game was unveiled shortly before the gamemaker hosts its free, two-day Square Enix Party 2007 at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center, east of Tokyo, this weekend. The previous event, in July 2005, attracted nearly 47,000 visitors.

In addition to providing details of "The Last Remnant," designers and producers of a range of Square Enix games offered information on updated versions of some old classics that will be available for the public to play at the weekend.

Shipments of "Final Fantasy XII" already have surpassed the 5 million unit level, but on Aug. 9, that figure is expected to leap with the Japanese release of "Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System."

Incorporating improved widescreen support and enhanced strategy and control in battle scenes, the upgraded version also offers better character development facilities.

Square Enix also has added to its "Star Ocean" franchise for the PlayStation Portable and the introduction of a new "Chocobo Dungeon" adventure for the Nintendo Wii, a decade after Chocobo first stretched its wings.