St. Louis Cardinals' World Series Clincher: What Hollywood is Saying

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Andy Cohen, James Van Der Beek, Keith Olbermann and Seth Meyers and more baseball fans sound off on the Texas Rangers' Game 7 defeat.

The World Series went to Game 7 for the first time in 9 years on Friday night, and after the nerve-wrecking Game 6 tie-maker, the climax was bound to be a little anticlimactic.

Fans of the St. Louis Cardinals probably don't think so, though. The team came back from a two-game deficit to beat the Texas Rangers, 6 to 2, during the final night in their own Busch Stadium.

Hometown star David Freese got another crucial hit, giving the franchise its 11th World Series title and its first since 2006.

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And while this post-season-ender may not have had the back-and-forth of the penultimate game, it certainly got a reaction out of those watching, with many in Hollywood weighing in on Twitter. To name a few:

CNN's Piers Morgan
To clarify my American sport allegiances: Dallas Cowboys, LA Dodgers, NY Knicks. But you should always back a #WorldSeries horse. Go #Cards

Scott Porter (Hart of Dixie)
Gotta say I'm pullin for the Rangers here, but it's tough to root against this Cards team that's been clutch for months...

James Van Der Beek (Apartment 23)
This just proves that if you want to be a dominant closer in the Major Leagues, you have to have a crazy beard. Congrats Cards fans #game7

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Masked Scheduler (Incognito Fox executive)
Thanx for watching #FRINGE tonight #messagefromthealternateuniverse

Bravo's Andy Cohen
World Champs! So proud to be from St. Louis! #11in11 #CARDINALNATION

Donald Faison (Scrubs)
Texas..... That's all I got.

Keith Olbermann (Countdown)
To paraphrase Arrested Development: And THAT'S why you don't start pitchers on short rest in the #WorldSeries

Angela Kinsey (The Office)
Working late at #theoffice and they've set up a tv by one of the trailers. Look what's on...go Texas!

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Jason Priestley (Call Me Fitz)
Congrats to the Cards! Wow! What a huge comeback last night followed by this... Well done!!!!

Seth Meyers (Saturday Night Live)
Nothing reminds you the regular season is irrelevant like the St. Louis Cardinals!!!

Dane Cook (Employee of the Month)
Congrats SLC on a terrific World Series win. Only 157 days until Opening Day. Let's go Red Sox!!

And, for good measure, another from Mr. Van Der Beek
If I was asked to make an argument in favor of human cloning, I would probably start by pointing at Albert Pujols #game7

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