St. Patrick's Day Mocktails: A Kacey Musgraves Drink and Jared Leto-Approved Mixers

Courtesy of Seedlip
Mocktails, Spice Martino and Golden Hour, made with Seedlip.

Sophisticated nonalcoholic cocktails are being served up at a growing number of bars, social clubs and events and favored by Naomie Harris, Jared Leto, Kate Moss and other stars.

Beer may be flowing freely on St. Patrick’s Day, but that doesn't mean teetotalers must stand empty-handed on the sidelines. From Naomie Harris to Jared Leto, we have rounded up celebrity-favored nonalcoholic beverages. A growing roster of hospitality havens, including the likes of Cecconi's and Soho House to Harvard & Stone and Normandie Club, is offering nonalcoholic cocktails that are sophisticated, as well as delicious. Stars such as Channing Tatum and Olivia Wilde are also investing in alternative beverages.

At Newport Beach's Balboa Bay Resort, where Jim Carrey, Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise have gone for restful getaways, a fizzy mocktail dubbed "Golden Hour" was created in honor of singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves' Grammy-winning album of the same name. Garnished with a chunk of brie, the sober sip mixes lemon and ginger kombucha with a pair of nonalcoholic spirits: a green apple cordial and Seedlip's Garden 108 tonic (which contains extracts of hand-picked peas and hay).

About 60 miles north along the coast, Soho House's Malibu outpost offers a concoction called "Surfrider" made with pineapple, tropical citrus called calamansi, coconut and basil to members such as Kate Hudson.

With mocktails, as Spenser Genesy, head of Soho House Group's bars for the West Coast, explained, "It's been in the last couple of years that there's been a lot more care and effort being put into them and distinguishing them as their own category."

While some people abstain from alcohol for health reasons, others are choosing to unwind with recreational marijuana in lieu of liquor. Thus, Genesy said, "It's more the idea of enjoying the entire experience of going out. I think that involves nonalcoholic cocktails. You might want to go to a bar, hang out and have fun with your friends, but not necessarily drink [alcohol]."

Since Seedlip's whimsically illustrated bottles began stocking the shelves of Selfridges in 2015, the British brand has managed to be listed on cocktail menus at hotspots on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Naomie Harris, the Oscar-nominated actress from Moonlight, sipped a tall iced libation made with Seedlip on a night out at London bistro Bagatelle. "Being a lifelong non-alcohol drinker,” she captioned a post on Instagram, "it's not been easy finding fun alternatives to alcohol."

Other celebrities who've imbibed Seedlip's plant and spice-infused tonics include supermodel Kate Moss, chef Geoffrey Zakarian and actor-musician-Gucci muse Jared Leto, who served Seedlip mocktails at an intimate gathering of friends and bandmates after performing with Thirty Seconds to Mars at Camp Mars in Malibu last August. Lorena Tapiero, who handles the British company's public relations and branding engagement in the U.S., then personally handed Leto bottles of Spice 94 and Garden 108.

In L.A., Seedlip-based concoctions are served at watering holes such as MiniBar in Hollywood, Bibo Ergo Sum in Beverly Grove and Ysabel in West Hollywood, and bottles ($36 for 23.7 fluid ounces) are sold at Bristol Farms and specialty stores including Broome St. General, Farmshop and Flask & Field.

In light of St. Patrick's Day, Genesy said, "If you're looking for something that is going to emulate the spirit and [want to have] a shot with your friends, I think Seedlip is the perfect segue."

For revelers in search of a pick-me-up, the guayusa leaf brewed in a can of Runa offers as much caffeine as a 12-ounce cup of strong coffee. The lure of the superfood has attracted Tatum and Wilde to invest in the company along with actors Adam Rodriguez and Marlon Wayans, according to brand director William Lane. Relaunched as a clean energy drink following its acquisition last June by All Market Inc., which also owns Vita Coco, Runa features six flavors, including pineapple and lime, which can be used in alcohol-free adaptations of popular cocktails.

A Runarita, anyone?