Stacey Dash Reads "Mean Tweets" About Her Awkward Oscar Moment

"I was hoping there was a trap door on stage and @REALStaceyDash would fall through," says one viewer about Chris Rock's bit with the 'Clueless' star, which fell flat.

Minutes after Stacey Dash made her awkward Oscars cameo, the Fox News contributor headed backstage to check out the reaction from viewers on social media. She quickly discovered that it wasn't positive.

"I just walked off stage from the Oscars where I got no applause, no boos, nothing," she says in a video, filmed Sunday night at the Academy Awards. "People were, I think, awestruck. Which was a little disappointing."

Moments prior, host Chris Rock paraded Dash onto the Oscars stage to introduce her as the "new director of our minority outreach program" — a bit that fell flat with the audience, and puzzled viewers at home. The Clueless star explained her appearance in a blog post that went live immediately after the moment aired, where she defended her headline-making stance on #OscarsSoWhite and explained why the Oscars shouldn't be boycotted.

In the backstage video, Dash says she made the Oscars cameo because she wanted to, and because Rock asked her to do it. But the backlash that she received was in the form of a lot of "mean tweets."

In her own version of the popular Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch, Dash then reads off tweets that range from "wtf" and "no one likes you" to "you looked foolish and sounded dumb."

One viewer posts, "I was hoping there was a trap door on stage and @REALStaceyDash would fall through." And another, "You sucked on the Oscars like you do on Fox News."

Earlier this month, Dash spoke out about #OscarsSoWhite and questioned the existence of the BET channel and the celebration of Black History Month. When she took the stage, she told the audience, "Happy Black History Month!"

The inside joke likely went over the heads of the audience and viewers at home who weren't aware of Dash's comments.

"There are a lot of people who don't agree with me and have a lot of very mean things to say," she explains. "But here's the thing: I do what I want to do because I want to do it, and because I believe in it, and it has nothing to do with race. And I wish you would stop saying that. Everything I do is because I believe in it, and I believe we are all equal."

Adding, "I'm very happy about what I did and I'm proud of it."

Watch the video here.