Stallone wants Whitaker for 'Expendables'

Action film to be shot in Costa Rica

Sylvester Stallone told a crowd of top AFM buyers that he's after Oscar winner Forest Whitaker to star in his upcoming actioner "The Expendables."

Jason Statham and Jet Li will star with writer-director Stallone as a band of rag-tag mercenaries on an undercover mission to depose a Latin American dictator. At a Boa Steakhouse lunch for the film's producers, Nu Image/Millennium Films, Stallone said he's aiming to land Whitaker for the role of a devious CIA agent involved in the operation.

The star also revealed the project he's now writing for a February shoot in Costa Rica and Louisiana will aim for a PG-13 rating ("it won't be a blood fest," he said), and jokingly thanked the producers "for giving me the $35 dollars to make this movie.

"Whereas the 'Oceans 11' films were an ensemble for good looking guys, this is an ensemble for ugly tough guys," he cracked.
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