Stan Lee Restraining Order Against Former Business Manager Dismissed

Todd Williamson/Getty
Stan Lee

Amid court confusion, the protective order was tossed, but officials are expecting a new request Friday.

A temporary restraining order filed on behalf of Marvel icon Stan Lee was dismissed on Friday, a Los Angeles Superior Court media relations rep confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

The reason came amid confusion in court as to who actually represents the 95-year-old Lee; Judge Pro Tem Ruth Kleman saying she did not recognize Tom Lallas as Lee's lawyer. That decision dissolved the temporary restraining order against Lee's former personal adviser Keya Morgan, the Associated Press reports.

The Marvel icon was granted that protective order in mid-June against Morgan, who has since been charged with multiple crimes by the Los Angeles City Attorney's office.

The restraining order request was filed days after Morgan was arrested on suspicion of filing false reports to police. He has since been charged for those alleged crimes, along with an alleged violation of probation, authorities previously told THR.

In the paperwork for that restraining order, filed by Lallas, there were reports of elder abuse.

Morgan has maintained his innocence on all allegations.

On Friday, attorneys for Lee's daughter, J.C. Lee, said they actually represented the Marvel icon, according to the Associated Press.

Officials for the Los Angeles Superior Court told THR they were expecting a new restraining order request against Morgan to be filed by J.C.'s attorneys later in the day. As with before, the order would only be temporary with a date set later for a permanent issuance.

In April, THR reported that Lee — who co-created such legendary comic characters as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, X-Men and the Fantastic Four, among many others — was caught in the middle of a war of words among those closest to him, all of whom were vying for control over Lee's life, allegedly for their own financial gain.

Morgan, who has long been involved in the pop culture memorabilia scene, was one of the subjects of the lengthy THR investigation.