Stan Lee's POW! Teams With China's Linking Star on Five Superhero Films

Stan Lee - circa 2008 - Photofest-H 2017

Former Marvel vice president Bob Sabouni has joined Linking Star as an art consultant on the projects.

Startup Chinese film company Linking Star Pictures is partnering with comic book legend Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment to develop five superhero films, with former Marvel vice president Bob Sabouni serving as an art consultant on the projects.

Linking Star Pictures is a new joint venture between Beijing Film Co., Beijing Novo United Films Co. and Hong Kong-based Camsing International, which acquired Lee's POW! for an undisclosed sum in May.

Lee was retained in the deal as POW!'s chief creative officer.

In addition to the plans with POW!, Linking Star unveiled a development fund Monday to go toward cultivating Chinese superhero IP through a competition series designed to develop young Chinese film talent. The competition will be judged by a panel of local experts, including producer Weimin Wang (Wolf Totem); Dan Yang, vice president of online ticket-selling service Weying; and Yonghong Deng, vp Beijing Film Association, among others.