Stanley Kubrick's 'Barry Lyndon' Given Racy New Trailer for U.K. Re-Release

Courtesy of Everett Collection
'Barry Lyndon'

Orgies and heaving bodices are set to raise temperatures ahead of the Oscar-winning epic's return to British cinemas July 29.

Ahead of it's re-release in British cinemas on July 29, Stanley Kubrick's period masterpiece Barry Lyndon has been given a new trailer, the film's first since 1975.

Commissioned by the British Film Institute together with Warner Bros. and created by Ignition, which was behind the acclaimed trailer for the 2001: A Space Odyssey re-release in 2014, the new offering spins a more contemporary teaser for the Oscar-winning epic, with a fair share of steamy scenes that might have raised eyebrows in the 1970s.

Alongside roaming hills, musket battles and dueling pistols, there's plenty of raciness to keep blood pressures high, with glimpses of orgies, nudity and heaving bodices as Ryan O'Neal's Irish wanderer climbs from innocent rural lad to decorated army hero to a lying, cheating English nobleman. This is all set to a modern version of Barry Lyndon's famous main title music, George Frideric Handel's "Sarabande."

Jan Harlan, Kubrick's longtime exec producer, gave the new trailer his seal of approval, saying that it "does the film justice" and was "looking forward" to watching it again.

See the new trailer for Barry Lyndon below.