Stanley Kubrick's Daughter Raising Funds to Aid Ill Actress Shelley Duvall: "She Deserves a Great Deal More Respect"

Shelley Duvall on the set of 'The Shining'.

So far, the campaign has raised almost $4,000 for the 'Shining' actress.

Stanley Kubrick's daughter is spearheading an effort to raise funds for ailing actress Shelley Duvall, who starred in her father's iconic film The Shining

Vivian Kubrick began raising funds on Friday for Duvall after it was announced the 67-year-old, who now lives in Texas, was going to appear on a Friday episode of Dr. Phil.

"I just think she deserves a great deal more respect," Kubrick told The Hollywood Reporter. "I am just trying to collect as much money as I can."

Kubrick, who noted she did not know whether Duvall was receiving government benefits, told THR she would first seek professional financial advice before distributing the funds to Duvall in order to protect any current benefits she may depend on. A simple trust fund may be a good solution, she added. 

"I think more and more people now realize how brutal the Hollywood system is and how people aren't really taken care of even though the studio system has benefited greatly from their talent," Kubrick told THR. "And I know many of them make a lot of money, but like with any artist, the money is not something that just keeps pouring in. And if you aren't blessed with business sense, you might not have held onto the money."

Kubrick also noted that she hopes to secure Duvall health insurance through the Screen Actors Guild, if it is possible.

Duvall, who has been out of the public eye for more than a decade, seems to be suffering from mental health issues. For instance, she told the show's host, Phil McGraw, that she believes her Popeye co-star, the late Robin Williams, is still alive, just a shape-shifter.

Duvall was also worried that any doctors she might visit at the behest of McGraw might try to kill her. 

On Thursday, Kubrick, who has not seen Duvall since her father wrapped production on The Shining, blasted McGraw for, in her opinion, exploiting the former actress and called for a boycott of the episode. On Friday, she launched a GoFundMe page for Duvall.

"[My father] was absolutely thrilled with her performance, I know that much," Kubrick laments about Duvall. "He said she was a fantastic Wendy Torrance, and she was. She was beautifully vulnerable and kooky and someone you might believe would stay with a Jack Torrance character."

So far, Kubrick's campaign for Duvall has raised more than $4,000. 

And Kubrick was not alone in her disgust at McGraw's segment. 

Mia Farrow and her son, journalist Ronan, also criticized the show for taking advantage of someone ill for ratings. 


Nov. 18, 3 p.m.: This story has been updated with exclusive quotes from Kubrick.