Stanley Tucci Responds to Viral Cocktail Video, Makes Another Drink for James Corden

Stanley Tucci on The Late Late Show - CBS Publicity - H 2020
Courtesy of CBS

The actor said he was surprised that the footage was trending on social media.

Stanley Tucci responded to the viral video of him making a cocktail when he virtually visited The Late Late Show on Thursday.

Host James Corden explained that a video of the actor making a Negroni surfaced online and caused "such a stir that Stanley Tucci was trending worldwide."

Calling in from London, Tucci said that he was surprised by the positive reaction to the video. "I do it every night," he said of making the cocktail, later adding that he makes drinks every night at 5 p.m.

The host noted that Tucci is "the best dressed man in isolation." The actor responded, "I always feel like one should look good, particularly after 5 o'clock."

Corden later revealed that he has never had a martini and asked Tucci to teach him how to properly make the beverage.

Tucci began the tutorial by explaining that they would stir the drink instead of shaking it. "It's the opposite of what James Bond likes," he said.

As Corden stirred the ice and vermouth, he said, "Even that is turning me on." Tucci responded, "Whatever you're saying, I can't hear you."

Later, Tucci added, "My wife is filming this and she's watching you and me, which I think has always been her dream."

The tutorial concluded with Tucci and Corden sharing a toast. "Cheers to you. I think you are wonderful," Tucci told the host.

Corden gave the martini his stamp of approval and called the beverage "glorious." Tucci added, "This is a whole new relationship for you."

Watch the full segment, including the full martini tutorial, below.