'Star Trek: Discovery' Star Shazad Latif: How to Speak Klingon | In Studio

THR’s In Studio has transformed into the 'Star Trek' universe, thanks to Shazad Latif.

Shazad Latif, star of Star Trek: Discovery, stopped by The Hollywood Reporter offices to educate everyone how to speak Klingon, which is essential to living in the Star Trek universe. For Latif, learning the language wasn't as much of a challenge as expected.

"It’s very similar sounds to Arabic and Spanish rolling Rs," Latif said. “I found it quite easy and I enjoy languages so it was a fun thing to get into, and it helps you obviously become Klingon.”

While the Klingon language may have been a piece of cake for him, the Klingon make-up was another story, with Latif calling it “painful” and “claustrophobic.” 

Watch the full interview with Latif above.