'Star Trek Fleet Command' Mobile Game Soars to $100M in Revenue

Star Trek Fleet Command-Scopely Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Scopely

The free-to-play multiplayer strategy game is the fastest-growing release in developer Scopely's history, helping boost the company's overall earnings across the $1 billion mark.

Culver City-based mobile games company Scopely continues to have a stellar year as its Star Trek Fleet Command title, a massively-multiplayer online strategy game based on the popular sci-fi series, has generated $100 million in revenue since its launch in November. 

Fleet Command is the company's fastest-growing title (the company also has branded Walking Dead, WWE and Looney Tunes games on its roster) and helped Scopely surpass the $1 billion revenue mark in June. 

“Our team spends years building our games, so it’s hugely rewarding to have one of our products achieve the $100 million revenue milestone so quickly after launch," Scopely co-CEO Javier Ferreira said Thursday in a statement.

The game is based on the recent Star Trek film trilogy and allows players to assemble a team of their favorite Star Fleet commanders, such as Captain Kirk or Spock, as they engage in intergalactic battles against other players from around the globe. The game continues to introduce new officers, including Alice Eve's Carol Marcus and a new character based on musician Steve Aoki, D'Jaoki. 

The success of Fleet Command led to the acquisition of Dublin-based studio DIGIT Games, which has collaborated with Scopely on the game since its earliest development stages in 2015. The company had previously opened offices in Barcelona in 2017.

Meanwhile stateside, Scopely, which was founded in 2011 in Los Angeles, has expanded by leasing 60,000 square feet of office space in Culver City, more than doubling its footprint in the area.