‘Star Trek,’ ‘Inception’ and ‘Fast Five’ Getting Imax Rerelease

Universal Pictures

The three box office hits are back for AMC Theatres’ Imax Big Movie Week.

Star Trek, Inception and Fast Five -- three of the biggest blockbusters of the last couple of years -- are coming back to select Imax screens for one week, starting Friday, Sept. 30 and going until Oct. 6.

AMC Theatres is hosting the event, called Imax Big Movie Week. The films will play daily on the oversized Imax screens with tickets selling for $7, significantly cheaper than the cost of other first-run Imax movies.

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None of the films were shot with Imax cameras, the way Christopher Nolan shot select sequences in The Dark Knight. However, some parts of Inception were filmed in 65mm.

Fast Five grossed $609 million worldwide when it was released in April. Inception grossed $825 million when it was released in July 2010 and Star Trek grossed $385 million when it was released in May 2009.