Star TV India Hires Prime Focus to Manage Digital Workflows

Prime Focus will deploy its CLEAR technology platform to manage end-to-end digital workflows for Star TV.

NEW DELHI -- Star TV India has commissioned digital content services group Prime Focus Technologies to deploy the world’s first integrated, multi-platform content operations infrastructure specifically for broadcasters, based on PFT’s award-winning CLEAR technology platform, both companies said in a statement Friday. 

The system will manage Star TV’s end-to-end digital workflows allowing the broadcaster to increase efficiency and leverage opportunities to monetize new multi-platform delivery models.
Mumbai headquartered PFT is a leading film and digital services provider with operations in Los Angeles, London and other locations. PFT was recently in the news for converting Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace to 3D (for the film’s February 2012 re-release) using PFT’s proprietary View-D-to-3D process which was also used to convert Clash of the Titans and other films.
For STAR TV, PFT will provide three key components to enable a seamless digital workflow solution.
 “The future of the broadcasting industry lies in digitisation,” said STAR TV COO Sanjay Gupta. “With this world-leading initiative, STAR TV is opening the door to digital workflows, allowing us to more effectively scale our business, embrace the migration to HD and increase our focus on non-linear platforms. This is a great step forward, not just for STAR TV, but for the broadcasting industry, and we are proud to be leading the charge.”
STAR TV will shortly be launching HD versions of its key channels in the Indian market, and PFT has designed the content operations infrastructure to handle acquisition, QC, transcoding and delivery of HD files with Dolby E audio.
“Prime Focus Technologies is proud to be driving the transition from tape to file, recasting broadcast infrastructures to cater to next generation consumers and their multi-screen entertainment requirements,” said Prime Focus Global CEO Namit Malhotra
“Together, STAR TV and PFT are leading the industry through a pioneering change, both in India and worldwide, providing a unique approach and a production-proven platform to enable a new, Broadcast-centric digital media supply chain,” Namit said.