George Lucas, Frank Marshall Joke Whether 'Force Awakens' Will Open Bigger Than 'Jurassic World'

Frank Marshall and George Lucas - H 2015

"'Jurassic' is No. 1. Remember that."

George Lucas was winding down with his red carpet interview Monday night at the Hollywood premiere for Star Wars: The Force Awakens when an unexpected guest popped into the shot.

Producer Frank Marshall grabbed Lucas and told him Force Awakens would not open as big as Jurassic World

"You're not going to beat my movie, are you?" Marshall asked Lucas, jokingly. "Jurassic is No. 1. Remember that." 

Lucas responded: "The job is they have to crush you like a bug."

The two embraced and walked out of the shot. 

Jurassic World opened at $208.8 million at the domestic box office, a record. Many box-office experts predict Force Awakens will break that record.