'Star Wars' Heading Back to London's Pinewood Studios

Star Wars J.J. Abrams Omaze - H 2014
Courtesy of ID-PR

Star Wars J.J. Abrams Omaze - H 2014

The first spinoff will be shot at the London facility that served as home to 'Episode VII,' now titled 'The Force Awakens'

Star Wars: Episode VII, now titled Star Wars: The Force Awakens, may have finished shooting in London's Pinewood Studios only last week, but Disney isn't wasting any time locking down space for a future installment.

Speaking at the annual CBI conference in London, Pinewood Shepperton CEO Ivan Dunleavy announced that another Star Wars would be heading back to the studio facility, without offering any further details.

"The seventh Star Wars movie just finished shooting at Pinewood. And I'm delighted to be able to tell you that a new Star Wars movie is already booked in," he said.

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Disney couldn’t be reached to confirm whether the film in question would be Star Wars VIII, to be written and directed by Rian Johnson, or one of the spinoffs, but another source later confirmed that it would be the first spinoff movie. The first stand-alone film, to be directed by Gareth Edwards, is due for release Dec. 16, 2016, so it would likely be shot in 2015. 

"R2D2 was built in the U.K. 37 years ago," Dunleavy added, having introduced the Star Wars character onto the stage, bearing his script. "Since then, he's spent a lot of his life in foreign studios. But now he's back home."

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A source revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that, following Star Wars: The Force Awakens wrapping, the latest James Bond movie would be moving into the same studio space.

Nov. 10, 7.30 a.m. Updated to include additional information that shoot will be Star Wars spinoff.