StarBrand lets fans buy what they see


StarBrand Media has announced several deals allowing consumers to purchase products integrated into such TV shows as "America's Next Top Model," "Gossip Girl," "The Tyra Banks Show" and "Extra."

The "Extra" deal with Telepictures allows consumers to purchase clothing, jewelry and other accessories worn by Hollywood celebrities during fashion segments on "Extra," including red-carpet coverage during events like the Academy Awards.

Typically, companies like StarBrand have enabled consumers to purchase products from scripted or reality TV shows and films but not items worn by stars in real life. StarBrand shares revenue generated from the sale of products appearing in entertainment content with the companies producing it.

Scripted and reality TV show stars so far have not shared in the revenue when clothing or accessories they have worn on-air have been purchased through StarBrand, but CEO Travis Schneider said he is open to including celebrities appearing on "Extra" segments in the revenue mix. "It's certainly our interest to include everybody who's part of that value chain in what we're doing, so if that means including celebrities, then that's what we're prepared to do."

The "Extra" shopping destination will be launched early next year on as well as at

The deal with CBS Consumer Products will create shopping capabilities for "Top Model" on and StarBrand's site.

In addition to featuring photos of wardrobe items, props, accessories and home furnishings that can be purchased on the sites, StarBrand also features video content that allows viewers to shop while they watch full episodes of TV shows, Schneider said.

Said Schneider of the company's pact with Warner Bros. TV for "Gossip Girl": "It's another top-tier show that really targets our consumer demographic. What we've done is really focused on our youth niche."

StarBrand also powers the "What's Tyra Wearing" section of the site for Banks' show.