'Starkweather' in forecast for Benderspink


Benderspink has optioned the rights to an upcoming comic book titled "Starkweather."

The story, described as "Harry Potter" meets "The Bourne Identity," follows a slacker in his 20s named Alexander Starkweather who is under an amnesia spell that renders him unaware of his magic lineage. When he finds himself under attack by supernatural foes, he must discover the secrets of his past in order to protect Earth.

Archaia Studio Press is publishing the series, created by David Rodriguez. The company is behind the English-language edition of the graphic novel "The Killer," which is set up at Paramount with David Fincher attached to direct and Plan B producing.

Benderspink's Jon Silk brought the comic book into the company and will oversee.

"Starkweather" is the latest comic book property in development at Benderspink, which last month set up the comic "Drafted" at New Line. Other comic-based projects in development include "Y: The Last Man," "Ex Machina" and "Power and Glory" at New Line; "Ghouly Boys" at Mandate; "Pet Robots" at Disney; and "Preacher" at HBO.

ASP is repped by WMA.