The Stars of 'Never Goin' Back' Discuss Their Female-Driven Raunchy Comedy

Camila Morrone, Maia Mitchell and Kyle Mooney sit down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk bringing director Augustine Frizzell's own story to life.

First-time writer-director Augustine Frizzell brings her wild upbringing to the big screen in her first feature, Never Goin' Back, according to the film’s stars, Camila Morrone, Maia Mitchell and Kyle Mooney. The stars of the film praised her leadership while filming in rural Texas. 

“She was really confident, trusted us a lot, which was great because it is her story and a lot of what we’re doing is pulled from her life, but she was super trusting, let us take the reins and she knew exactly what she wanted,” Mitchell told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio.

Based on Frizzell’s teenage experiences with her best friend, Never Goin’ Back tells the story of high school dropouts Jessie (Morrone) and Angela (Mitchell), who dream of escaping their waitressing jobs in a Texas diner to spend a week on the beach in Galveston. Following the wild schemes and misadventures the two girls find themselves in, the female-driven raunchy comedy and its characters stood out to the stars.

“Obviously it’s very funny but the characters are so charming in their wildness and the friendship between them is so strong and that’s what I was attracted to,” Mitchell told THR. “Then that within this stoner comedy genre is so rare so that’s what I liked about it.”

“They never really have a moment throughout the film that they clash or have an argument or that big moment where the friendship is at stake. Everything that they feel, they feel together. Their highs — literally — and their lows and that friendship is just cool and real, and I think that’s why we wanted to do it,” Morrone added.

The film took place in the rural town of Garland, Texas, where Frizzell’s own experiences happened. “It is really cool being on location, you know, we’re not near anything we know. We’re not in L.A. or New York so we all got a chance to hang out and I think Augustine helped corral that and work that into being something cool on screen,” Mooney said.