'Tomorrowland' Premiere: Stars Reflect on Past, Present, and Future of Disneyland

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Held at the AMC theater in Downtown Disney, the film stars Raffy Cassidy, Keegan-Michael Key as well as George and Amal Clooney walked the blue carpet.

Celebrities and Disney legends swarmed the blue carpet of the Tomorrowland premiere to celebrate the pre-release of the futuristic Disney film at the AMC theater in Downtown Disney yesterday.

The event triggered a nostalgic moment for many in attendance and for a few, a first time trip to the Disney theme parks.

“I had to do Disneyland ads when I was little so I would always come at 5 a.m. before the park opened and leave when it did,” said Black-ish star Yara Shahidi, who made an appearance alongside co-star and avid Disneyland-goer Marcus Scribner.

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While the most anticipated attendee of the evening was George Clooney, who was passed down the press line at conveyor belt speed prior to screening, it was clear there was an even bigger star on everyone’s mind that night– Disneyland.

"I would live in adventure land if I could,” said film composer Michael Giacchino, known for his Oscar-winning original score for 'Up' and Oscar-nominated original score for Ratatouille. Giacchino rode Pirates of the Caribbean earlier in the day with his family, who were also in attendance.

Composer and Disney Legend Richard M. Sherman, who composed original scores for films such as Mary PoppinsThe Jungle Book, and Charlotte’s Web, said his favorite ride of the park is "It’s A Small World," considering he composed the original song for the attraction over 50 years ago. “You can either kill me or kiss me for writing it, but it’s always been very special to me.”

For comedian T.J. Miller and fiancé Kate Gorney, their favorite part of the park isn’t so much a ride as it is an accessory. “We always get the ears…I had a Goofy baseball hat that I tried to make it cool in sixth or seventh grade, but it didn’t take.”

While many including Miller share in their love of classic Disney characters like Goofy, one such film star named a lesser-known character as his favorite.

“The dragonfly from AristoCats. He was like an airboat,” Keegan Michael Key said as he demonstrated the dragonfly’s dive with arms halfway spread. Key plays the role of Hugo in the film.

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Key’s film co-star Raffey Cassidy, who plays Athena, was much less focused on the past during the premiere and more so focused on the future of Tomorrowland - the theme park that is. “I love roller coasters and anything that makes you scream like Space Mountain.”

Clooney seconded Cassidy when asked his favorite ride in the park. “Space Mountain, which Amal and I are going to ride on today.”

While the future of Disney remains a mystery, it is certain that tomorrow looks bright so long as it rings true to Disney’s original vision of the future many years ago.

“It was Walt Disney’s philosophy that tomorrow is going to be better than today, and that’s what he was working for,” said Sherman.