Stars of Russia's Highest Grossing Film of 2014 to Take Pay Cut for Sequel

Jason Flemyng - P 2013
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Jason Flemyng - P 2013

The producer of 'Viy 2' says they'll be paid five to seven time less than originally agreed.

Jason Flemyng and Rutger Hauer, international stars of a sequel to Russia’s highest grossing movie of 2014, Viy, have agreed to a substantial cut in their fees due to the economic downturn in Russia, according to the film’s producer.

The actors "agreed to be paid fees that are five to seven times smaller than what was originally stipulated because they understand how currency exchange rates fluctuate in Russia," producer Alexey Petrukhin was quoted as saying by the Russian news agency TASS. "This is a testimony to the fact that they see a potential in our picture."

He added that some other steps were taken to reduce the budget of the film, which is co-produced by Russia and China, such as moving the shooting of some scenes from China to Russia.

Viy 2, also known as A Journey to China, is centered on the story of a British traveler who is commissioned by Russian Emperor Peter the First to draw maps of Russia's Far East and ends up traveling to China.

The shooting began in Moscow last week and the film, directed by Oleg Stepchenko, is expected to be released in 2016.

The first Viy film, based on a story by 19th century Russian author Nikolai Gogol, was released in January 2014 and grossed $34.6 million in theaters, becoming Russia's top- grossing local movie of the year and third top-grossing film after Transformers: Age of Extinction and Maleficent.