Stars and Their Stylists the Subject of a New Shoppable Fashion Series

Ashley Greene and Cristina Ehrlich - Split - Getty - H 2018
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With social media offering direct access to celebrities, women are more curious than ever about how they can put together their own wardrobes, says stylist Cristina Ehrlich.

With Hollywood stylists being tapped for an increasing number of brand collaborations (Karla Welch and Levi's, Elizabeth Stewart and WalMart, Kate Young and St. Germain liqueur), as well as appearing as experts on TV (Law Roach on America's Top Model, Brad Goreski on E!), it seems there is no end to the public's fascination with the relationship between image-makers and their star clients.

Now there's a new show offering an inside look at how fashion choices are made before a star hits the red carpet, flies off to do a film tour or simply gets ready to run errands around town with paparazzi inevitably in tow.

Launching online Tuesday with four premiere mini-episodes, Click My Closet is a digital shortform series that goes inside the fitting room with stylist and client. It is being produced by Hollywood PR behemoth Rogers & Cowan in its first foray into fashion video content. And there is an twist: Viewers can instantly purchase outfits while they watch.

“It’s a way to connect with fans, talk about fashion and let them be part of my world,” says Ashley Greene, who is featured in one of the debut episodes. "Social media has created this ‘we want it now, we want whatever’s on this person’ moment," she adds. "This is going one step further to let people see why you wear what you wear and the thought process behind it.”

While watching a video, viewers can click on an item of clothing being shown and save it to a virtual "closet," or shopping cart, and purchase from there.

With social media offering direct access to celebrities, women are more curious than ever about how they can put together their wardrobes in the same way, says Greene’s longtime stylist Cristina Ehrlich, who also works with Priyanka Chopra, Tina Fey and Allison Williams.  

“Women are faced daily with a closet of clothes and having to get ready and feeling like they have nothing to wear," says Ehrlich. "Giving access to private moments with stylists shows that celebrities have the same qualms." People see photos online and think it's so easy, she adds. "Sometimes you have the good fortune of putting something on and it’s one and done. Other times you have to keep trying to find the perfect thing.”

Besides Greene, the first round of videos feature Jaime King and stylist Annie Ladino; Petra Nemcova and stylist Joanne Black; and Cheryl Burke and stylist Karen Raphael. By the end of the year, more than 20 personalities will be featured, says Rogers & Cowan CEO Mark Owens.

“We’re curating the collections with the stylist organically. We’re not paying to put brands in their closets. And we’re letting talent take control of the story arc,” Owens explains. “If things sell, it monetizes for [stylists and brands], plus we are paying talent to be in the episode. At the end of the day, we are trying to turn the ecosystem on its head a bit. People have had part of the puzzle, but I don’t think anybody has quite put it together the way we have.”

The series can be viewed on and dedicated Youtube, Facebook and Instagram outlets.