Startup Marketing Firm Fanstang Hits Milestone Selling Hollywood Talent to China

The company says it has signed $20 million worth of Chinese endorsement deals over the past year for Hollywood celebrities and athletes.

Fanstang, a startup PR and marketing division of the China Branding Group, announced Thursday that it has signed $20 million worth of endorsement deals over the past 12 months in China for Hollywood celebrities and Western athletes.

Launched a little over a year ago, China Branding Group has offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Los Angeles, and is now a leading broker of endorsement deals between Hollywood talent and Chinese brands.

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The company says the deal sizes have ranged from $100,000 for one-month endorsements to several million for multi-year deals. The various agreements involved Western celebs and sports stars attaching their personal brands to products spanning retail, real estate, beverage, electronics, gaming, mobile telephone, apparel and automotive.

The name "Fanstang" means “a place for fans” in Chinese. 

In addition to negotiating endorsement deals, the company helps Western talent engage Chinese fans on the country’s popular social media sites and online fan clubs. Fanstang keeps its client list private, but says it represents about 150 well-known figures from TV, film and the NBA.

Said Adam Roseman, CEO of China Branding Group: “The tremendous power of entertainment, music, fashion and sports celebrities to help differentiate and grow the brands of both Chinese and global companies is only just beginning to be used in China.”