Starz CEO's Daughter Skewers Dad's Former Marriage to 25-Year-Old: "I Used to Babysit My Stepmom"

Kate Albrecht - H 2015
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Kate Albrecht - H 2015

YouTube star Kate Albrecht, daughter of Starz CEO Chris Albrecht, has written a new book titled 'A Hot Glue Gun Mess,' in which she describes how her 14-year-old self first met her 11-year-old would-be stepmom.

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When Starz CEO Chris Albrecht wed Montana Coady in September 2011 (he was 59; she, 25), daughter Kate Albrecht, founder of the L.A. lifestyle brand Mr. Kate and author of the new book A Hot Glue Gun Mess, skipped the Beverly Hills Hotel festivities.

Her dishy William Morrow tome contains a chapter entitled, "I Used to Babysit My Stepmom," in which Kate details how her father met future stepmother "Dakota," a woman she knew from her teen years competing in horse shows, at a nightclub. Kate met Dakota at 14 and gave the 11-year-old tween a makeover with edgy eyeshadow and Urban Decay nail polish.

Author Albrecht then fast-forwards to her decision not to RSVP for the wedding, which drew Harvey Weinstein, Brad Grey, Chris Rock, Billy Crystal, Larry David, Brett Ratner and groomsmen Brian Grazer, Steve Bing and Jeff Bewkes: "Due to my disgust and desire to have a functional life, I chose not to attend."

Her only sister, however, did show up. "You have to protect yourself in life, and if that means not seeing Buzz Aldrin dance at my father’s wedding, so be it," she writes. "My sister went, but she’s two years younger than Dakota, so at least she can, uh, look up to her. The wedding cost a whopping 1 million dollars, Dakota wore two different wedding dresses, tons of celebrities watched their first dance."

No storybook ending here though, as the marriage lasted less than four years; the couple split in April.

As for Daddy Albrecht, he seems unfazed by the revelations of his personal life. "Chris is proud of Kate for all she’s accomplished and cherishes his copy of the book, which was autographed by the author."

But Kate’s book isn’t all gossip about her dad: She also reveals that she once had sex with Tiger Woods and also had a best friend who was a high-priced hooker.

The author could not be reached for comment as of press time.