Staycation for Your Face: Casa Del Mar's Sea Spa Hydrafacial

A combo of deep cleaning, exfoliation and extraction can make client feel as if they've been on holiday for days.

The holidays seem kinda close -- but not really close enough. We decided it was time for a little R&R, and there's no R&R we like more than one that makes you feel better -- and also makes you look better.

So we took in a 25 minute Hydrafacial at the Sea Spa at Casa del Mar hotel in Santa Monica. Yes, it's relaxing and smells lovely -- but it's also a combo of deep cleaning and exfoliation -- and extraction.

It uses the same sort of suction device that's used in microdermabrasion; but instead of that scratchy feeling, it infuses hydration into the skin at the same time it exfoliates.

It's not uncomfortable at all, and leaves the skin clear and shiny and soft. Ashley, our technician, used Natura Bisse products with the hydrafacial.

It costs $175 for 25 minutes, and $220 for 60 minutes, and what's great about it is, residents of Los Angeles will feel like they've been away for days. You can follow the hydrafacial by a brisk beach walk or bike ride and feel like you've been away for days.

The Sea Spa is quite ethereal and could easily sub for being in Bali! Followed by the tofu scramble with zucchini non-carb hash browns at Casa's Catch restaurant, you have the perfect Sunday afternoon.

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