Kate Upton's Steamy Mercedes-Benz Ad Draws Controversy (Video)

Kate Upton Guess Ad Screengrab - H 2012

Kate Upton Guess Ad Screengrab - H 2012

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit bombshell is shown in slo-mo while football players gawk.

A new Mercedes-Benz commercial featuring a scantily Kate Upton strutting her stuff in slo-mo has drawn some heat from critics including the Parents Television Council.

"This ad [reinforces] for millions of wives, daughters and sisters across the country that you use your sex appeal to get what you want," a PTC spokesperson complained to Daily Mail (via the Los Angeles Times). "If anything, this ad proves that we’ve regressed rather than progressed over the last several years."

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The car company's Upton ad, scheduled to air during the Super Bowl in February, teases that the 20-year-old bombshell -- sporting cutoff jean shorts and a low-cut black tank top -- will wash the 2014  Mercedes CLA-Class (which Forbes dubs "sexy") "in slow motion."

In truth, the only car-washing done is by a group of gawking football players who land somewhere in the college/high school age range. "You missed a spot," purrs Upton.

Beyond the PTC, others are voicing discontent over the ad on the brand's Facebook page, where reviews are mostly mixed. Among the complaints: The concept is too unoriginal, too "tacky" and "made the car look cheap."

Wrote one decidedly media-savvy commenter, "With all of these comments and publicity, the ad is CLEARLY effective!"