Stella McCartney Sues Steve Madden for Knockoff Bag

Stella McCartney - P 2015
PatrickMcMullan via AP Images

The designer claims that Steve Madden is profitting from the sales of a "poorly made" and "virutally identical" tote.

Lawsuit magnet Steve Madden Ltd., which has been hit with suits by everyone from Skechers to Balenciaga for knockoff designs, is being sued by Stella McCartney over a copycat tote bag.

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McCartney claims that Madden's BTotally bag (below right) infringes on the copyrights for her Falabella bag (below left), which has been a best-seller for her brand since its introduction in 2009.

According to Fashionista, the suit filed on Tuesday in New York's Southern District alleges that Madden's bag is a "virtually identical" and "poorly made" copy of McCartney's own "well-known and enormously popular" style. 

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At $108, the BTotally bag retails for nearly a tenth of the price McCartney's Falabella bag, which sells for $1,195. Court documents reveal that the designer is worried that the cheaper knockoff bag will "tarnish" her reputation among her customers.

The 44-year-old is asking that Madden immediately halt production and is asking for an accounting of profits from the bag. 

FROM LEFT: McCartney's Falabella Shaggy Deer Foldover Tote ($1,195) and Steve Madden's BTotally bag ($108)