25 Questions With Bond Girl Stephanie Sigman

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Actress Stephanie Sigman plays Estrella in the new James Bond pic opposite Daniel Craig.

The first Mexican love interest for 007 sits down for a chat. And doesn't seem happy about it.

Stephanie Sigman values honesty and punctuality. 

Maybe that's why she keeps her interview answers so direct and to the point. That's the best explanation for the short and opposite-of-sweet conversation The Hollywood Reporter had with the 28-year-old Mexican actress at Sunset Tower minutes after the L.A. premiere on Nov. 3.

To quote Liz Lemon: It didn't go great. But hey, everyone has long days when they're just not feeling up for talking about themselves all night, right? Or even 10 minutes. On the bright side, Sigman is about to catapult to an iconic level of notoriety that can only be attained by playing a Bond girl opposite one of the best actors to dip his talents into the legendary role when Spectre starring Daniel Craig hits theaters today. 

And she has other things to be excited about: Sigman is a regular on Netflix's breakout series Narcos, and she stars in a Spectre-inspired commercial for Belvedere Vodka. But about that interview.

The Hollywood Reporter: How was the premiere?

Stephanie Sigman: It was really nice. It was nice to have friends and family there.

That’s great. Who came along, friends and family-wise?

Excuse me? You want to know exactly who?

Yeah, like parents or siblings, etc.? Who did you get to bring?

Well, friends and family.

Let’s talk about Belvedere. Congratulations on the campaign. Do you take your martinis shaken or stirred?

Shaken, definitely. There’s a lot of variations on the martinis so it depends on the mood. Right now, I really like the Belvedere Spectre martini.

What about other Belvedere cocktails? What’s your go-to drink?

Right now, I stick with the martini.

DRINK UP: The actress attends the Belvedere Vodka celebration of their partnership with 'Spectre' and the debut of their new global advertising campaign with Sigman on Sept. 9. (Photo by Raymond Hagans/MediaPunch/IPX)

Let’s go to fashion. You’ve looked so glamorous and so amazing so far on the Spectre world tour. Do you have a favorite look that you’ve worn?

I’m not a fashionista, definitely. I’m an actress. I have a great team working with me. You want me to pick a favorite? I don’t know. They’re special and different.

Do you have a favorite?

I don’t know. Maybe this one [picks the Marchesa look, below].

What do you like about that look?

I just think it’s really cute and amazing dress that made me feel like a princess.

PRETTY PRINCESS: Stephanie Sigman in Marchesa at the world premiere of 'Spectre' at Royal Albert Hall in London on Oct. 26. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

You mentioned a great team. Can we talk about who your stylist is?

His name is Jeff Kim. What else do you want to know? Ask me please.

Talk to me about your fashion strategy? What are your conversations with Jeff about how you want to look?

He basically works, he knows me already so he picks different clothes and we do fittings and I tell him what I feel more comfortable with. But I think he knows me pretty well by now.

When you approach a red carpet on a tour like this, do you have specific looks that you want to challenge yourself with? Do you want prints, to go bold, is there input from the studio to look a certain way?

I have no idea. That world ... I don’t think like that. I don’t think that far.

Let’s talk about acting then.

Let’s talk about acting. I’m very excited to talk about acting.

You’re a Bond girl. Where did you find your inspiration for the part?

With the director. Talking to Sam Mendes. Having conversations about what he wanted from me and what was his idea of this character. That’s the best way to work on a project, talk to the director. In the end, it’s the director’s idea of how they perceive the movie and how they perceive the characters.

What’s the most surprising thing about your character in this film?

I think that it’s the character in Mexico itself. It’s very important for Bond in this movie. It’s crucial. And also the opening sequence is amazing and great and beautiful. I think it’s the best opening sequence in a Bond film.

Any other favorite parts of your character or things people should know about her before they see the film?

I play Estrella. You are going to see Estrella pretty quick when you see the film. We are celebrating the Day of the Dead, so we’re in a parade and wearing this amazing clothes and masks. And they can’t miss it. They’re going to see it.

Daniel Craig has said this could be his last turn as Bond. How do you feel about that?

I have no idea. I haven’t talked to him about that. But yeah, I’ve heard that this is his last movie.

You told Vogue that you’re always on time. I respect and admire that. What other standards do you live by?

I try to be as honest as I can. But sometimes that doesn’t work out in this business.

I sense you’ve been burned before.

No, I just feel like sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth. It’s hard when you hear the truth. People want to hear what they want to hear. Sometimes I have a hard time with that because I’m very honest.

Let’s talk about acting icons and inspirations. Who do you admire? Who do you want to work with?

I would love to work with Morgan Freeman. I love him. I really like, too, I was watching something recently with Carey Mulligan. She’s such a great young actress. And directors, I have a bunch. Alfonso Cuaron, Alejandro González Iñárritu, definitely. Quentin Tarantino — that’s like my dream. What’s the name of the Ex Machina director? Alex Garland.

I was talking to someone on my way over to meet you who said that it must be really good to be you right now, on the precipice of having this movie come out. Before that happens, what’s the best part about being you right now?

Oh. I don’t know. Talking about me. … I have a pretty cool group of friends and family. That’s the best part about me.

Up next for you is Season 2 of your Netflix show (Narcos). Any hints about the new season?

We’re doing it. We’re working on it.

How do you feel about Los Angeles?

I live here. I moved here two years ago and I love it.

Is there a question you’re not being asked that you want to be asked or you’d rather talk about? Something that is really important to you in your life or career?

I don’t know. No. Is there something you want to ask me?

Are you single?

Another one. Next.

Acting then. When you look back on your career in 10 or 20 years, what do you hope you’ve done?

I want to look back and be proud of every project that I do. And be really proud as an artist. And that’s hard because you need to make the right choices. It’s like taking care of the details of your career. And that’s what I’m looking for more than anything.

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