China Box Office: 'Mermaid' Becomes Top-Grossing Film Ever With $400M-Plus

Mermaid Still - 2016
Beijing Enlight

The fantasy comedy from Beijing Enlight Pictures and China Film Group has exclipsed box-office sensation 'Monster Hunt,' which previously held the record with $375.6 million.

Stephen Chow has reclaimed the throne as king of the Chinese box office.

The Hong Kong hitmaker's latest comedy, Mermaid, eclipsed Monster Hunt over the weekend to become the highest-grossing film in the country. The movie's gross through Sunday is $420 million

Monster Hunt, directed by DreamWorks Animation veteran Raman Hui, grossed $374 million over a two-month period in summer 2015, topping Furious 7's previous mark of $372 million. Mermaid's record run is all the more impressive given that it was achieved in just 12 days. (Local Chinese currency is used to track box-office records, as the exchange rate to U.S. dollars fluctuates considerably).

International Weekend 2/21/16

Comscore for Weekend of 2/21/16
Weekend Cume
1. Deadpool $85.0M $256.3M
2. Mei Ren Yu $56.0M $420.0M
3. Zootopia $31.2M $39.0M
4. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny $21.0M $21.5M
5. The Monkey King 2 $13.0M $157.0M
6. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip $11.7M $131.0M
7. How to Be Single $10.9M $24.1M
8. From Vegas to Macau 3 $9.5M $156.0M
9. The Revenant $8.6M $216.5M
10. Kung Fu Panda 3 $7.2M $177.0M

The producers of Monster Hunt tweeted an illustrated congratulations from the film's official Weibo account, writing: "Congratulations Mermaid! Congratulations Stephen!"

U.S. moviegoers who are curious to see what the phenomenon is all about can check it out in select locations this weekend when Sony Pictures releases the Chinese blockbuster in 33 U.S. theaters.

Blending Chow's signature brand of ribald humor with a love story and an environmentalist message, Mermaid centers on a billionaire playboy (Deng Chao) who buys a dolphin preserve with the intention of illegally developing it. A beautiful mermaid (played by newcomer Jelly Lin) plots to protect the aquatic paradise by seducing and assassinating the tycoon — but her plans go awry after she falls in love with him. The film was produced by Beijing Enlight Pictures and China Film Group.

Mermaid opened on China's Lunar New Year's Day holiday, facing fierce competition from rival blockbusters The Monkey King 2 and The Man From Macau 3, starring Chow Yun Fat. Both of those films have been huge successes in their own right: Monkey King 2 has grossed $147.6 million, while The Man From Macau 3 has earned $145.9 million (Hollywood imports are blocked from release during the Chinese New Year period, one of the busiest moviegoing weeks of the year.)

Mermaid's gross has an undisputed claim to the domestic box-office record. Monster Hunt's record was slightly tainted last fall by revelations that distributor Edko Films had purchased and given away some 40 million free tickets to boost returns. Chinese regulators also left the film in cinemas for an unheard-of 59 days until it finally topped Furious 7.

Feb. 22, 1:45 p.m. Updated with weekend numbers.