Late-Night Hosts Address Louis C.K. Allegations

Stephen Colbert commented on the news about his guest, who canceled his 'The Late Show' appearance last-minute on Thursday.

Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers and Jordan Klepper all took time on their respective late-night shows Thursday night to comment on the sexual misconduct claims against fellow comedian Louis C.K.

On the Late Show on CBS, Colbert addressed the damning New York Times expose claiming comedian Louis C.K., who was supposed to appear on the show on Thursday, exposed himself and masturbated in front of five women. Chicago comedy duo Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov, comedians Rebecca Corry, Abby Schachner and C.K. collaborator and one-time friend Tig Notaro all spoke to the Times for the story. 

The report came just hours after news broke that the New York premiere of C.K.'s upcoming film, I Love You, Daddy, had been canceled, citing "unexpected circumstances."

Colbert has known C.K. for decades. The two were part of the writers room on The Dana Carvey Show in the '90s, which also included Steve Carell and Robert Smigel.

Colbert opened his monologue tackling the C.K. news head-on. “For those of you tuning in to see my interview with Louis C.K. tonight, I have some bad news. Then I have some really bad news. Louis canceled his appearance here tonight because The New York Times broke this story today: Five women are accusing Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct."

He added: "When reached for comment, Jesus said, 'bla-bla-bla-bla-bla, I don’t want to hear about it. I was a big fan!’”

"Now these are disturbing allegations and it's just the latest in an avalanche of allegations against powerful, prominent men — Harvey Weinstein, Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, Kevin Spacey," he continued. "And a lot of men look at this behavior and they feel like there's nothing they can do. Well, last night, one man stepped up to 'not do it,' country music star and soul patch safe space Keith Urban," he said, explaining that  last night at the Country Music Awards Urban performed his new Harvey Weinstein-inspired female country empowerment anthem.

Colbert then played a clip of the song, but not before issuing a disclaimer. "I just want to be clear, I am a fan of Mr. Urban's and his heart is in the right place. His lyrics? Not so much," he joked.

Urban's song features a chorus of a parade of individual words and short phrases that build a portrait of a woman, including the lyrics, “Baby / girl / woman / child / female.” The song, which Colbert called "the first song ever written by dumping out a bin full of inspirational throw pillows," inspired Colbert to create his own parody ditty. "Ladies of the world, you've got a raw deal. Too many times your voices have been silenced. Well I want to let you know I hear you," he sang. The lyrics also included: "Now be quiet while I explain you to you. Lady, woman, vagina owner, lipstick, bangs, organ donor, piano teacher, appletini, burka, one-piece or bikini, weird blue liquid, pads with wings, Andy Cohen, Nuva rings, yonic, yogurt spoon, tender goddess of the moon."

He ended the bit by joking, "You're welcome ladies, I fixed it."

Over on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah expressed his frustrations over the rising number of alleged sexual misconduct claims against Hollywood figures.

“At this point, we’re gonna need a new Oscar category this year: Best actor whose movies we can’t watch anymore,” Noah joked. The Daily Show host then suggested that every woman courageous to speak out should be rewarded. “All women in Hollywood should win double Oscars for acting like all the men were cool all along, every single one of them,” Noah said.

Frustrated with the uproar of varied claims against Hollywood figures, Noah emphasized how “insane” it’s getting. “It’s getting to the point where whenever I see a beloved celebrity’s name trending on Twitter, I’m like, ‘Oh, please tell me they’re dead … Ah, damn it.”  

On Comedy Central’s The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, Klepper once again turned his focus to the "vulnerable population" of “powerful white men

“It’s a confusing time, so we should return to what we know: good, old fashioned phrases people say when sexual assault allegations arise — phrases like 'You should separate the man from the art,” Klepper said.

Quick to make a quip about C.K.’s alleged sexual misconduct, Klepper highlighted the comedian’s new film, I Love You Daddy, which had it's premiere canceled in wake of the allegations. (Distributor The Orchard this morning said they wouldn't be moving forward with the film's planned release on Nov. 17.)

“So please, when you are watching Louis C.K.’s movie I Love You Daddy,” The Opposition host continued, “A film about an older man dating an underage woman featuring a serial masturbator, please, don’t think of Louis C.K.’s accusers.”

“It’s like the Bible says, ‘Let he who is without sin, not later be found out to have a record of sexual misconduct,” Klepper joked, before adding, “I think I have a weird Bible.” 

After discussing Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct, NBC’s Late Night host Seth Meyers made a subtle joke about C.K.

“Man, politics is so full of perverts and deviants. I’m just so glad I work in comedy,” Meyers said, before an image of C.K.’s NYT expose appeared on the screen, leaving Meyers to yell, “Aww, damn it!”