Stephen Colbert Believes Ivanka Trump "Doesn't Know What Words Mean"


'The Late Show' host lampooned the first daughter's use of words like "complicit," "relative" and "otherwise."

For a brief few moments on Thursday night's Late Show, host Stephen Colbert didn't spend his monologue mocking President Donald Trump. Instead, he shifted his focus to first daughter Ivanka and her seemingly troubled relationship with the meaning of words. 

Referencing a viral tweetstorm from Vice writer Eve Peyser that outlined how Ivanka had a cavalier attitude to words and their meaning, Colbert said, "she's got a ton of praise from the right for her poise and intelligence. At the same time, it turns out she doesn't know what words mean."

Colbert had a field day highlighting particularly egregious examples, most notably the infamous misuse of the word "complicit." Citing numerous other examples, Colbert saved his brutal best for a tweet in which Ivanka said that she was "cuddling my little nephew Luke ... the best part of an otherwise incredible day,"

Colbert responded: "That is a dumb statement, in an otherwise stupid tweet."


Peyser's started tweeting out Ivanka's misuse of words on Tuesday, posting notable snippets of articles in which she incorrectly uses words such as "relative" and "albeit." Peyser went to illustrate Ivanka's questionable understanding of the words "otherwise," "complicit," "overlay" and more.