Stephen Colbert Riffs on Bernie Sanders' Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

Ben & Jerry's announced they were honoring the Democratic presidential candidate with a new flavor called "Bernie's Yearning."

Stephen Colbert took some time on Wednesday's The Late Show to joke about the news that Bernie Sanders now has his own Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor.

"Ben created a limited edition ice cream just for Bernie Sanders called 'Bernie's Yearning,' the host announced, "Which I gotta say sounds to me like a soft core porno."

With that, Colbert launched into his Bernie Sanders impression and offered his interpretation of how such a film would play out.

Colbert then revealed that "Bernie's Yearning" is essentially mint chocolate chip ice cream — in which all the chips have risen to the top.

"I got some news for Ben. In reality, that top one percent generally doesn't have a lot of chocolate in it," Colbert quipped, adding, "Hey, I don't make the world, I just describe it."

He then suggested some possible Ben & Jerry's ice-cream flavors for the other presidential candidates.

Watch the full clip below.