Stephen Colbert Puts Donald Trump "On Notice" For Stealing His Ideas

Stephen Colbert Trump On Notice - Screengrab - H 2017
YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Trump On Notice - Screengrab - H 2017

The 'Late Show' host added the president to his famous 'Colbert Report' "On Notice" board and called him out for copying his Comedy Central character.

Earlier this week both President Trump and national security adviser Michael Flynn said they were putting Iran "on notice" after the country's recent ballistic missile test.

The phrase might have prompted Colbert Report fans to do a double take as the Comedy Central show, hosted by Stephen Colbert in character as a conservative pundit, famously featured an "On Notice" board. Colbert's character would periodically add people or phenomena that had upset him to the board.

In a 2013 segment, for instance, in which Colbert put Pope Francis on the board, other entries included Jane Fonda, OK Go, "flavor crystals," "distractions," "you know who you are," forgiveness, grizzly bears (often the No. 1 threat in another Colbert Report segment, the "ThreatDown") and, ironically, "Iran's leaders."

On Thursday night's Late Show, Colbert said that not only did he "notice" the reference to his old bit, but he was also putting Trump "on notice" for stealing his character's ideas.

In addition, Colbert pointed out the hollowness of saying something was "on notice."

"When we say 'on notice' I think we just mean, we noticed," he said. "You know what I noticed? I noticed Trump keeps stealing from me. On my old show, I put people on notice on my 'On Notice' board."

Colbert went on to explain the other times Trump "ripped [him] off."

"I came up with the whole over-the-top TV character who's desperate to be loved, doesn't believe in facts and has a pet eagle," Colbert said. "That's mine. Plus we both ran for president — only one of us knew it was a joke."

With that, Colbert brought out his old "on notice" board, which featured many of the same entries from 2013, and added Trump's name.

And for good measure he added, "Do you have any understanding of the effect that just had? Exactly the same amount of effect as you putting Iran on notice. Zero."

Watch the video below.