Stephen Colbert Can't Believe Bernie Sanders Hasn't Dropped Out Yet in "Hungry for Power Games"

Colbert in Hungry for Power Games — H 2016

"You've gotta be f—ing kidding me."

Stephen Colbert was all dressed up and ready to bid adieu to Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, in "Hungry for Power Games" style.

Colbert, as The Hunger Games' Caesar Flickerman, rehearsed for his cold open on a couch. "This fall was a long time coming, but last night tribute Bernie Sanders finally dropped out of the race," said Colbert, adding a trademark "Haha."

He continued, "He felt the bern," and before he could reveal the end of the joke someone came and whispered in his ear, presumably telling him that Sanders was refusing to drop out of the presidential primary process. Sanders has received criticism for not conceding, despite Hillary Clinton securing enough delegates to receive the Democratic nomination.

"You've gotta be f—ing kidding me," responds Colbert, taking off his wig in exasperation.