Stephen Colbert Suspends Comedy Central Show for Mother (Report)

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"I have a raging case of Linsanity. ... Fans have not come down with a basketball-borne disease this intense since ... Kareem Abdul-Jabbotulism."

The host halted production on his nightly "Report" because of an emergency involving his 91-year-old mom, Lorna, according to a report.

The reason behind Stephen Colbert's headline-making disappearance from Comedy Central is becoming more clear: according to the New York Post, the late-night-host abruptly shut down production of The Colbert Report due to his 91-year-old mother's ailing health.

Earlier this week, Comedy Central issued an e-mail alert informing ticket holders that shows on Wednesday and Thursday had been canceled; fans were invited to apply for seats at future tapings.

When reached by The Hollywood Reporter, the network said Colbert canceled the shows because of "unforeseen circumstances," giving no further details. Meanwhile, THR's sources disclosed that The Colbert Report would soon return with fresh episodes. The show is in repeats at the moment.

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"Nothing new to add and we're not commenting on speculation," Colbert Report representative Steve Albani told THR in an e-mail Friday morning.

Albani would not confirm whether Lorna Colbert's health was the reason Colbert temporarily pulled the plug on the program. But he said next week's roster of original shows remains on the primetime schedule barring any changes.

Colbert is the youngest of 11 children, and is especially close to his mother, the Post said. When he was 10 years old, the comedian experienced tragedy when his father and two older brothers died in a plane crash, something that had a significant effect on his childhood.