Stephen Colbert Compares Jeb Bush's Campaign to 'Inception,' Reality TV in "Hungry for Power Games" Bit

Hungry For Power Games Screen Shot-H 2016
Courtesy of YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

In light of the former GOP presidential candidate calling himself "the joyful tortoise," the 'Late Show' host flushed a toy turtle down a tiny toilet.

After Jeb Bush announced Saturday that he was suspending his campaign for president, CBS' Late Show host Stephen Colbert paid tribute to the former GOP candidate's campaign the way he's said goodbye to all of the candidates who've dropped out: via his Hunger Games-inspired "Hungry for Power Games" segment.

Sporting a purple wig, floral magenta coat and hot pink tie, Colbert's Caesar Flickerman-like character delivered a pop-culture-filled send-off to Bush, at one point bringing out a tiny toilet as a prop.

After playing a clip of Bush congratulating his competitors "remaining on the island," Colbert went on a humorous rant filled with reality-show puns.

"This election is like Survivor. But sadly Jeb did not run an Amazing Race," Colbert said. "He just didn't have that X Factor and nothing short of an Extreme Makeover could make voters forget his Big Brother."

Colbert went on to cite a report that claimed Bush's campaign cost as much as $150 million, or about the same amount as the budget of Warner Bros.' mind-bending movie Inception.

"Only the ending of Jeb's campaign makes sense," Colbert joked.

Colbert also referenced Bush calling himself the "joyful tortoise" as he continued his campaign despite his low poll numbers.

With that, Colbert took out a toy turtle from under his desk, adding, "But now the turtle is dead, joyful no more. And what does one do with a dead tortoise?"

He pulled out a small toilet and flushed the turtle, shouting into the bowl, "bye bye," and "say hello to all the donors' money."

After Colbert paid tribute to the fallen, he quipped, "Your dynasty has been forever put to rest. Now the most powerful Bush is a tie between [Jeb's] cousin Billy and [the Bush's baked beans] dog."