Stephen Colbert and Daniel Craig Spoof James Bond Car-Rental Troubles

Victor Chavez/WireImag/Getty Images; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Daniel Craig and Stephen Colbert

"Well, he does drink a lot of martinis."

Stephen Colbert addressed a concern of his about the James Bond franchise on Wednesday night's Late Show with guest Daniel Craig.

The late-night host told the 007 actor and star of the upcoming Spectre that he couldn't believe that in almost every Bond film, beautiful cars with cool gadgets get destroyed not long after the secret agent receives them.

"Well, he does drink a lot of martinis," joked Craig.

From there, the pair acted out a scene in a fake car-rental shop, where Colbert played a snooty employee and Craig was Bond, desperately seeking a car while being chased by assassins.

Turns out, 007's rental history isn't so good.

"Oh my. Oh, sir. Uh-uh," said Colbert's character while looking at Bond's file.

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