Stephen Colbert Performs Trippy "Death, Taxes and Hillary" Song to Kick Off 'Late Show' DNC Coverage

Stephen Colbert Sings About DNC — H 2016

"The party of the donkey is about to get funky."

Stephen Colbert kicked off his week of live shows tied to the 2016 Democratic National Convention with another musical performance. But instead of crooning about it being "Christmas in July" as he did to launch his week of live RNC shows, this time he opened Monday's show with a trip, if you will, to the DNC.

Colbert bit into a psychedelic Philly cheesesteak he pretended to have found on the ground and then everything got extremely trippy. A hippie-fied Colbert then sang about Hillary Clinton as his world turned into a colorful kaleidoscope of delightful strangeness.

"You may have felt the Bern, but now it's time to learn, she is your destiny," Colbert sang. "Let's go to the DNC where they love diversity," he continued. He sang about Sanders' suit he bought at the dollar store and said that Michelle Obama "can plagiarize herself."

The catchy chorus is "Death. Taxes. And Hillary."

"The party of the donkey is about to get funky," said Colbert while icons play on the screen including floating cartoon heads of Hillary Clinton with peace signs in her eyes.