Stephen Colbert Moderates a "Donald Trump Versus Donald Trump" Debate

Donald Trump vs Donald Trump Debate — H 2016

"If Fox News has no Trump then I am all Trump."

After Donald Trump refused to appear on Fox News' Republican debate on Thursday, Stephen Colbert took it upon himself to create his own debate, featuring Trump debating himself.

First, Colbert joked about Trump skipping the debate because he thought Megyn Kelly would be an unfair moderator. "Why would he want to practice going head to head against a strong blonde woman?" said Colbert with a smile, as a picture of Hillary Clinton appeared next to Trump on the screen.

After referring to Trump as the "star of this year's top reality show 'Celebrity a-President,'" Colbert said, "If Fox News has no Trump, then I am all Trump."

The Late Show host pitted Trump against Trump, showing clips of Donald Trump completely contradicting himself on Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Megyn Kelly and the people of Iowa, something commentators have noted as they've looked back at older clips of the real estate mogul-turned-presidential candidate.

Colbert mocked the "strong difference of opinion between our one candidate" and ended by saying, "I want to thank Donald Trump for being just as divided as this country is."