Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah Tease Donald Trump for Playing "Man Card," "Racist Douchebag Card"

Stephen Colbert's Man Card — H 2016

Both late-night hosts tackled the GOP frontrunner's comments about Hillary Clinton playing the "woman card."

Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah were full of Donald Trump jokes on Wednesday as they talked about Trump's comments in his primary victory speech on Tuesday, when he accused Hillary Clinton of playing the "woman card."

"Hillary does play the woman card, because she's a woman," said Trevor Noah. Addressing Trump, he added, "It's the same way you play the racist douchebag card. It's just who you are."

Noah continued, saying the other cards Clinton plays are the "legislative experience card" and the "secretary of state card." He joked, "The only card she doesn't have is a working metro card."

The Daily Show host had some fun with Clinton's "deal me in" reaction to Trump's "woman card" retort, saying he was happy that "finally a joke landed for her." Then he turned to Trump "doubling down" on his sexism by saying Clinton "shouted" her reaction. "He's been accused of sexism, and his response is more sexism."

Noah said, "The last person who should be complaining about the decibel level of a speech in another person's motherfing voice is this guy." Then he played a montage of Trump shouting, followed by a dubbed-over Hillary Clinton whispering her speech to show what Noah thinks would suit Trump's wishes.

Looking ahead to a potential general-election battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Stephen Colbert called the race the "matchup America did something to deserve." After briefly touching on Bernie Sanders' Rhode Island win, which he called "the participation trophy of primary caucuses," Colbert turned his attention to Trump's "woman card" comments about Clinton.

"Can you imagine electing a man named Clinton? I mean come on, " joked Colbert.

The Late Show turned it around on Trump, saying he's playing the "man card. "Colbert pulled a man card out of his pocket.

"All of us guys get one of these," said the host. "They're great. It gets you paid more, allows you to explain things to women about women and as a white man, mine's also a get-out-of-jail-free card."

He also mocked Trump's drowsiness in his morning-show interviews, previewing what his inauguration speech might be like if he wins. Both Noah and Colbert teased Trump for sounding like he was "on the toilet" when he called into his morning interviews.