Stephen Colbert Revives "The Werd," Calls Donald Trump a "D-Bag" and "P.O.S."

Stephen Colbert The Werd - H 2016

The 'Late Show' host also jokes that he has to wear a neck brace from all of Donald Trump's reversals on whether or not he's friendly with Putin.

Stephen Colbert mocked Donald Trump in a myriad of ways on Monday's The Late Show.

In his monologue, the Late Show host addressed rumors that Trump is soft on Vladimir Putin because he's "in debt to Putin's cronies."

Showing clips from Trump's interview with George Stephanopoulos, Colbert put on a neck brace to jokingly protect himself from Trump constantly reversing himself on his relationship with Putin and whether or not they've met in Moscow.

Colbert eventually ended up in a human-size cone collar.

"Doctor says I have to wear this until the election's over so I don't claw my eyes out," joked Colbert.

"That's not even the worst Trump scandal this weekend," Colbert continued, leading into his "The Werd" segment which he recently brought back and revamped from his Colbert Report days.

Monday night's "Werd" was "What the F?" "For space considerations we've had to shorten it to What the F?, but know that it means What the Family?" said Colbert, continuing his running gag of poking fun at CBS' censorship.

He spoke about Trump's controversial comments about DNC speaker Khizr Khan and his wife, the latter of whom was criticized by Trump for staying silent, when in reality she says she was too overcome with grief to speak at the convention. "Trump knows a good husband allows his wife to say something," said Colbert, as the words "That Michelle Obama already said" flashed on the screen.

Colbert said he has met Donald Trump so he's on solid ground when he says Trump is being a "Dad-bag." "Which again, due to space we've had to shorten," said Colbert, smiling as "D-Bag" is written next to him.

He also called Trump a "P.O.S.," meaning "part of society," Colbert explained, of course.

In Monday's cold open, Colbert wondered if there was "anyone Donald Trump won't attack?" parading out an elderly woman, a kindergartner and a kitten to insult Trump. He also interviewed cartoon Trump about his scheduling conflicts for the debate and Election Day.