Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Won't Return to 'Late Show' Because He's a "Coward"

Stephen Colbert

Colbert translated his message for Trump "into Trump's own language" by making clucking noises.

Stephen Colbert isn't holding back his words when it comes to Donald Trump.

In an upcoming interview with Bill Carter on SiriusXM, the late-night talk show host calls the Republican presidential nominee a "coward" and a "chicken" for not returning as a guest on CBS' The Late Show.

After clucking and squawking to drive the point home, Colbert says wryly, "He's got a great sense of humor about himself. I'm sure he won't mind."

Carter joins in the teasing too: "Come on, Donald. Step up," the host encourages.

The rambunctious interview takes a couple other amusingly controversial turns, as well. Colbert dismisses the popular daily USA Today as "a cartoon page masquerading as a newspaper," calling attention to the paper's unprecedented nonendorsement of Trump.

Carter, a longtime New York Times reporter and recently a Hollywood Reporter columnist, is currently a CNN contributor.

The full conversation airs on SiriusXM Insight on Monday on channel 121.