Stephen Colbert Drills Beto O'Rourke on Harry Potter, Streaming Platforms

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

The 'Late Show' host asked the Democratic presidential candidate to defend his pop-cultural positions to train for upcoming primary debates.

Though the Democratic National Committee hasn't yet released the names of the candidates who will officially participate in its primary debates, Beto O'Rourke is already a shoo-in. The Texan has both at least 1 percent support in qualifying polls and at least 65,000 unique donors, only one of which a candidate much achieve to qualify. As a result, when he stopped by The Late Show on Wednesday, host Stephen Colbert sought to give the former U.S. Representative some debate practice.

The CBS late-night host then lobbed a few hot-button topics at him and asked him to explain his positions on them — all of which turned out to be questions involving pop culture and entertainment. 

The first question? "On the issue of Ryans, Gosling or Reynolds?" Colbert asked. "Gosling," O'Rourke responded. "The people's choice." Colbert then noted that O'Rourke wouldn't be losing a voter in either Ryan, given that both are Canadian.

For his next question, Colbert asked whether or not the candidate thought it was acceptable to share streaming passwords. "Yes," O'Rourke responded. "My wife's sister Christina, who has our Netflix password, is here today, so I just want to be candid and honest that we're already doing this with our Netflix password."

On the question of whether Harry Potter's Hermione Granger should have ended up with Harry Potter instead of Ron Weasley, O'Rourke simply said, "Yes."

Colbert threw a hardball, however, for the final query: "If trapped on a deserted island with all 22 other candidates, which would you eat first?" O'Rourke initially demurred, asking whether Colbert wanted to discuss immigration or health care instead. "You're going to dodge this question because there's no one you want eat or you don't like cannibalism?" Colbert asked. O'Rourke finally said that he would rather be eaten himself than partake.

At other points in the segment, the Democrat justified why he was in the presidential race after losing to Sen. Ted Cruz in the 2018 Texas Senate election and when polls showed 60 percent of Texas wished him to run against Texas incumbent Sen. John Cornyn next. "I just think given where we are in this country, this moment of truth on everything you think about," O'Rourke said, citing climate change and health care, "I want to be in the most consequential position to do everything I can."