Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms Banter About 'Daily Show' Bathroom Etiquette

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest Ed Helms - Publicity-H 2017
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

The former 'Daily Show' correspondents reflected on their long-standing debate regarding whether to knock or jiggle the doorknob.

On Wednesday's Late Show, Daily Show alums Stephen Colbert and Ed Helms reignited a long-standing debate they've had.

"As I said, we have known each other a long time, get along great," Colbert began, before Helms interjected to address his issue with the late-night host.

"We had a little disagreement, you and I, at The Daily Show," Helms said, with Colbert asking, "You thinking about what I'm thinking about?"

Ready to "get into it" and "solve" their argument once and for all, the former Daily Show correspondents began discussing their differed views on whether it's appropriate to knock on a bathroom door.

Helms explained that their Daily Show offices were adjacent to each other. The restrooms were single-occupancy and didn't offer any indication if the door was just closed or if the bathroom was occupied.

"So, what do you do when you go up to the door?" Helms asked, with Colbert immediately arguing that one should knock.

"That is so wrong," Helms said. "Stephen, you check the handle. If it's locked, you walk away. Why would you knock? Because then the person has to answer while poo is coming out of them." Colbert assured that he "never did that" while working there.

Continuing to disagree, Colbert explained his reasoning for his belief in the power of knocking. "That jiggle sounds like the door's about to open … and you panic, you pinch off the stream and you can't start again," the late-night host said.

Determined to prove Colbert wrong, Helms pointed out that awkwardness can occur between colleagues. "They know you're probably the one that left an odor," Helms said. "That's your first problem; I don't leave an odor," Colbert comically responded, only for Helms to retort, "Oh, yes you do!"

Colbert also revealed that he once put a sign on the bathroom door that read "Knock" on the outside and "If someone knocks, respond" on the inside. "And it really was just at you," Colbert quipped at Helms.

Although once a correspondent on The Daily Show, Helms explained that his new show, The Fake News With Ted Nelms, is vastly different.

"It is a totally fake news broadcast," Helms explained, also adding that it "looks just like CNN" but made up. "There's no actual news in it." The actor further emphasized that the show is a "sideways view of reality" rather than reporting on actual news. Helms also said his character is similar to Wolf Blitzer, who Colbert immediately joked is "terrible at his job."