Stephen Colbert Encourages New Yorkers to "Keep Going" After Manhattan Terror Attack

Courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The ‘Late Show’ host opened his Tuesday show with a message of hope after an alleged terroist drove down a bike lane, killing eight people and injuring several others.

The Manhattan terror attack that left eight people dead and several others injured took place just before the taping of CBS' Late Show on Tuesday. And Stephen Colbert took a few minutes on his show to speak about the incident and encourage New Yorkers to "never live in fear.“

Earlier, he said, "All of our broken hearts go out to everyone affected."

And then he praised the fighting spirit of the city's residents.

“All those who live and work in this great city, tomorrow and the next day, New Yorkers will wake up to new details about what happened, but tomorrow and the next day, New Yorkers will also wake up and keep going. In an uncertain world, one thing is for sure: New Yorkers will never live in fear, “ the Late Show host said. 

On Tuesday, a man in a rented truck drove down a bike path along the West Side Highway in Tribeca, a few blocks from the city’s World Trade Center memorial. After he jumped out of the vehicle, the driver was shot by police. The attacker was immediately taken into custody. 

Two hours after the attack, Mayor Bill de Blasio held a press conference where he detailed the “painful day” the city had to endure.

"It's a very painful day in our city,” de Blasio said. Further adding, “Let me be clear that based on the information we have on this moment, this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians going about their lives who had no idea what was about to hit them."

The mayor remained hopeful that New Yorkers would never let the recent tragedy affect their spirit.

"We have been tested before as a city very near the site of the tragedy and New Yorkers do not give in in the face of these kind of actions," said the mayor. "We'll respond as we always do. We'll be undeterred."